Standar Batik Muslim Fashion

Or forms of Muslim dress models, or often called the koko, actually relatively raw and standards. Particularly with regard to design, koko is tops with long sleeves Muslim man with upright collar shape. As can be seen from a number of Muslim clothing that are sold in a variety of stalls, boutiques, batik online stores or on the internet, the development model of the form or relatively unchanged.

For long koko generally limited to the buttocks or a little below it. However, later also became a Muslim dress batik fashion trend with a longer length shape somewhat closer to the knee.

In some circles the campus, students and young people are often seen wearing Muslim koko with shapes approaching knee length dress. Especially for worship or attend lectures or religious studies. So is the shape of his pocket, relatively unchanged. Some are made of fruit on the left chest or also the two pieces on either side of the bottom.

Other forms are also relatively fixed color is concerned. Soft colors still dominate the model koko. Besides looking unsightly and soft, soft colors characterize this kind of Islam that is as it exudes coolness.


Nevertheless, the development of the model koko is not static. Although the general shape is pretty standard, but shows koko always something new. Moreover, Muslim clothing fashion is flexible enough to dikreasikan and developed. Both related to the color of the material, the presence or without collar, and the form of his buttons.

One of the elements in the baju batik muslim fashion that is developing is the decoration or ornament made . Just look at some sort of ornament shaped Vignette enough to dominate the latter mode the koko. There is a circle shape or scratches that impress some form of calligraphy.

Interestingly, these ornaments are generally made in the form of embroidery, so it looks beautiful. There is also the variation of the ornaments are made by hand using dyes, such as baju batik terbaru.

As a fashion, this development somewhat creative. Without prejudice to the requirements of sharia which prohibits images of living things or festive ornament that can disturb other worshipers when conducting prayers, a Muslim fashion clothing can also be quite well received by the market.

Starting from the hood to the clothes, many models and stuff. Veil course, now many mdel and shape. With the same veil, the veil we can creation models that we want. Just look at the d magazines or the internet that much to discuss about models hoods. You can mimic these models for the creation of your veil.

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