Dress Batik for Women

This article is about how to choose the righ batik dress for you. The pear body shape can be said if the lower body is larger than the upper part of the body. Usually the pelvic region is the most wide of the women with pear shapes. Among the models of dress batik suitable for women pear body shape is the maxi dresses, babby doll, patterned dresses, dresses with unique models which you can buy on this batik online shop.

• If you have a body with a sleek and small form called regular or petite, you can wear a dress model blus batik with a striking color or patterned. Selection of size should also be considered, because the dress is too long will make you look shorter.

• Women with a great body shape on the breast will be more visible fat, because it can be tricked by the selection of dresses rather wide. In addition, you should avoid dresses that covers the neck, because it will make your breasts look bigger.

• Women who have small breasts can choose a dress with V collar model because it will enhance your appearance. Shirt with a motif can also be a great choice for you. Also, avoid wearing tight clothes with a model because it will show your flaws.

• Women with a slim body shape, a great choice is a baju batik wanita dress with a pattern horizontally because it will make you look solid body contains.

• Women with chubby body shape can choose vertical striped dress with a bit of loose pieces, as the model is able to dresses to hide your excess body weight. Additionally dress with small floral motifs are also suitable for the model body fat.

Selection of Appropriate Dress ColorSmart women choose a dress that suits body shape will make you look stunning with batik pekalongan. Who does not want to be the center of attention because we are a special appearance ? But to make your appearance special, choose a dress that fits the model of body shape is not enough.

You should also pay attention to the selection of dresses to wear color, because color is also greatly affect your appearance. Anyone you certainly will feel embarrassed if the center of attention because of the dress has a color that is not matched to the shape of your body.

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